Friday, 7 January 2011

168 THE PARACHUTE MEN, Bristol Fleece, Monday 2 July 1990

Drove down early on my own and met up with the band beforehand! Went out with them for a pint in the Elephant before the gig, and ended up missing support band Poke, but getting in on the guest list - as you'd expect from a Paras gig by now!

This tour was meant to coincide with the release of their new LP "Earth Dogs And Eggshells", but Fire Records in their infinite wisdom have delayed said release, leaving the band with nothing to promote! I got the impression that main Parachute people, vocalist Fiona and husband and guitarist Steve, are a little pissed off with that, to say the least... still, that didn't stop them from playing a stonking rock set to an unfortunately quiet crowd; if anything, their annoyance was channeled utterly correctly into playing this great set. I wasn't quiet anyway, and rocked out as usual to my favourite band of this time!

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