Friday, 7 January 2011

162 RIDE, The Charlottes, Bristol Bierkeller, Thursday 12 April 1990

Drove down with Veronica and the Bevans, meeting posse car 2 in the Prince Rupert as usual, then got in for this sell-out gig, actually getting on the pool tables for once and enjoying a few games while support The Charlottes were on. Despite covering Shocking Pink's 60's classic "Venus", they were unimpressive, sub-MBV noisemakers with a token blonde vocalist and not a hint of a tune in their heads.

Down the front for Ride, and that was a big mistake. The reception from this young sell-out crowd bordered on the hysterical, and with no barrier up between audience and stage, we were swept onto the stage by sheer weight of numbers. I climbed over people to get to relative safety, and thankfully the bouncers cleared the stage after one number. The pushing, shoving and overall tension didn't improve, however, and with Ride themselves well below par, delivering a messy set of their normally haunting and strident Bunnymen/ Mary Chain-like buzzsaw guitar rock, it made for a most unenjoyable experience. Bierkeller please note - barriers back for the next time, please?

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