Friday, 7 January 2011

161 THE HOUSE OF LOVE, Power Of Dreams, Miss America, London Kilburn National Club, Monday 26 March 1990

I was in London for a BT course so I popped along for this one, running into one of my recent Outward Bound course colleagues in the process. Openers Miss America made a pleasant, Care-ish pure pop sound and finished their set well with their strongest numbers. However Power Of Dreams, next up, blew them away, kicking some serious ass in an amphetamine-fast set recalling Woodentops and Cactus World News, all rhythm and guitar assault, with the slightest hint of Irish rock. Definitely a band to see again!

House Of Love, fresh from selling out the Royal Albert Hall, played their usual smoky guitar rock set for myself and a totally devoted audience, which unfortunately sagged a little in the middle after a superbly haunting, strobe backlit "Love In A Car", but which was then redeemed by second encore "Destroy The Heart", as powerful and emotive as any time I've seen them play it. Overall, another fine gig, and at least the fire alarms didn't go off this time!

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