Friday, 7 January 2011

160 LUSH, Th' Faith Healers, Bristol Fleece, Sunday 18 March 1990

Drove Veronica down to this gig and met up with our friends when they arrived, despite them passing us on the Motorway! My third time of seeing Lush, in a small barn type pub packed to the rafters with eager punters, ourselves... plus Tanya from Throwing Muses, who I spoke to briefly, and who remembered me from our recent chat in Southampton! Wow!

Th' Faith Healers were as awful as last time again, so tried to ignore their execrable noise.

Lush, however, were brilliant. The sound, when sorted after a couple of numbers, fully complemented their heady aural rush of candyfloss and broken glass. It was vocalist Miki's birthday (23! Gosh, that's young...) but she and her band gave us the birthday treat. I'm glad I've gotten to see Lush in small venues thus far, because that's going to change; they're hot hot hot and they're going to be huge huge huge!

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