Friday, 7 January 2011

163 THE INSPIRAL CARPETS, Ashley And Jackson, Cardiff University, Thursday 10 May 1990

Another 2 car posse for this gig, although our car got off at the wrong M4 junction so got a little lost on the way! The Uni hall was larger than I'd remembered, with the stage moved back, and the venue was packed with Inspirals t-shirt wearing junior Mancs. The support was a dreary house outfit with a couple of dodgy female dancers.

The Inspirals sported a vast backdrop for their slide projections of cows (many cows!), "Sunday Sport" headlines and psychedelic images to either augment or distract from their 60's keyboard-dominated pop, which ranged from the excellent (a speedy, rocking "Find Out Why" and "Commercial Rain") to the occasionally unfortunately dirge-like. A good overall "live" experience, though; worth it just for the slideshow!

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