Sunday, 9 January 2011

157 LUSH, Th' Faith Healers, Invisible Men, Reading After Dark Club, Friday 2 March 1990

Hmmm, maybe 4AD's rising stars, new London band Lush, should've chosen a bigger venue for their Reading gig; the c. 300-ish capacity After Dark club, a venue both difficult to find and even more difficult to suss out timings for, was totally choc a bloc for this one. We queued 40 minutes to get in! Bah!

Still, after doing so, we faced a contrast in supports. The first, tiny female fronted band amused slightly despite a monotonous start, but Th' Faith Healers, next up, were quite the worst band I've ever - EVER - seen. Screaming harpy noise with no hint of a tune whatsoever. I felt sick!

Lush, however, were there to save my eardrums. They took the stage at a very late 10 past midnight, played all the songs they knew, and, after a shaky and nervy start, lived up to their considerable potential with a savage, raucous, and yet conversely haunting and on occasions quite beautiful set. Achieving such a real contrast in moods, often in the same song, is a neat trick, and this lot manage it very well. Destined for greatness, I reckon!

Chatted briefly to drummer Chris, a Spurs fan, after their excellent set, and got my landmark 100th set-list signed by both him and exotic vocalist Miki. A triumphant night all round!

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