Sunday, 9 January 2011

156 THE CRAMPS, Mega City Four, Bristol Studio, Sunday 25 February 1990

I was persuaded to go along to this one by long-time Cramps fan Veronica, and we persuaded Ady and PG along too, plus Rich and Jared who were up for the support band! Talking of Mega City Four, they were on very early and played a 1/2 hour of Ramones-like punky pop thrash, 100 miles an hour and surprisingly a million times better than I'd previously seen them. Not bad tonight at all.

The clientele for tonight looked like extras from a 50's Elvis-styled horror flick, and The Cramps were similarly attired! Vocalist, the brilliantly named Lux Interior, was decked out in skintight leather and stilettos, and strutted about the stage posturing and screaming blood-curdling howls, backed by 2 scantily clad female vocalists and a drummer pumping out frenetic bursts of psychotic "Hammer Horror" primal hillbilly rock'n'roll. Actually awesome stuff, particularly "You've Got Good Taste" and "Goo Goo Muck". The set culminated in Lux, by now stripped to a thong, climbing up the speaker stacks! Not my usual cup of strychnine by any means, but thoroughly entertaining!

And of course, as I transcribe this onto the blog in 2011, barely 2 years after Lux's untimely passing, I'm very glad in retrospect I got to see one of rock'n'roll's supreme showmen in full force. RIP Lux Interior.

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