Sunday, 9 January 2011

155 LLOYD COLE, See See Ryder, Newport Centre, Friday 23 February 1990

A big gig just across the bridge; went straight into the bar after listening to - or should I say enduring - a couple of numbers from the overpoweringly noisy support band. The centre has a nice bar with good, erm, "architecture", so we whiled away the time happily!

Lloyd Cole, on at 8.45 and sans his Commotions these days, showed a fine sense of his musical history, and alternated this surprisingly hard-rocking set between rawer new numbers, and toughened-up versions of his more bookish, introverted intellectual older numbers. "Mr. Malcontent" was a personal highlight of a set which shows that the Brooklyn air seems to have done our now-NYC domiciled Lloyd some well-rocking good!

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