Sunday, 9 January 2011

158 PALE SAINTS, The Real People, Bristol Bierkeller, Wednesday 7 March 1990

A two car posse with rendezvous in the Prince Rupert - in other words, a pretty normal Bierkeller gig jaunt! Craig was there too; we hit the venue and consumed Guinness, Newcastle Brown, pinball and pool while the rather ordinary support band were on.

Got down the front for the Pale Saints set, which commenced slowly and moodily, and suddenly exploded into a colourful cascade of drum rolls and slashing guitar. Nary a gap between songs to catch breath, as one effortlessly melded into another, tumbling together with tender ferocity. Another brilliant set, culminating in a stage invasion of which I was part, during the extraordinary encore version of their best number, the mind-blowingly absorbing "Sight Of You".

Hung back afterwards and eventually got to chat with Saints Graeme and the particularly gregarious Chris briefly, about football (Leeds fans, the pair of them; still, can't be helped...) and their other band Edsel Auctioneer, to top another great gig!

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