Tuesday, 11 January 2011

151 THE WEDDING PRESENT, The Groove Farm, Bristol Studio, Tuesday 30 January 1990

Drove down in Posse Car 1, and nipped into the Queen's Shilling for a beer with Posse Car 2, so missed half of the Groove Farm's Weddoes-imitating set. OK I suppose.

Wedding Present vocalist David Gedge seemed to be the only one suitably attired in the whole place, with shorts on! Despite it being January, this was a sweaty one... Gedge led the Weddoes through a truncated, short (50 minutes only) set with no encore which was disappointing. New single "Brassneck" and "Give My Love To Kevin" were the highlights for me of a nevertheless powerful set of choppy and breakneck-paced indie rock.

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