Tuesday, 11 January 2011

152 HOUSE OF LOVE, Something Pretty Beautiful, Swindon Regent's College, Thursday 1 February 1990

A real event, this one; a gig at Swindon College! And a "real" popular Indie band as well in the House Of Love! I'd seen them a couple of months ago but hey, it's in Swindon! Met up with friends and had a couple of beers in the Beehive before getting into a packed and heaving College (wow, is this really Swindon?) in time to ignore the support band in favour of the bar! Everybody I knew, pretty much, was here tonight; this kind of thing should happen more often!

As for House Of Love themselves, they took the stage, led by vocalist and ET lookalike Guy Chadwick, to a new number, and then played a stunning set of hard-edged guitar pop. Traces of early 80's stuff like the Bunnymen, Joy Division etc., but that just proves their good taste as well. The shimmering, moody "Christine" and encore "Hope" were highlights of another fine House Of Love set. Also, I hung around afterwards and helped pack up, for some reason...

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