Tuesday, 11 January 2011

149 CARTER THE UNSTOPPABLE SEX MACHINE, The Bell Jar, Friday 15 December 1989

This didn't turn out as planned, but was a good one nevertheless! We'd gone along to see Galaxie 500, but on arrival found out they'd pissed off back to the USA, and that Carter USM (who'd been awful when supporting the Parachute Men in Gloucester a couple of months ago) were late substitutes! As we were here, we decided to stick around (unlike a couple of friends who went off to Bath to see Kitchens Of Distinction at Moles).

Met Jim-Bob and Les in the pub downstairs; I knew them from their old band Jamie Wednesday, and they had a good old gloat about our situation! This carried on into their set, following the support band's unintelligible rows and Dinosaur Jr. rip-offs; Jim dedicated the second number in Carter's set, "to David Rose, who came all the way from Swindon to see Galaxie 500, but now has to put up with the worst band in the world, ha ha!".

This time out, however... they were brilliant! With their sound sorted out, and with dry ice permeating the small upstairs venue and creating a frantic atmosphere, they were caustic, dynamic and utterly manic, the beatbox backing up their guitar attack very well this time! A cross between the crazed thrill of Birdland and the in-your-face dance of Jesus Jones; next time I see them, it'll be because I want to!

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