Wednesday, 5 January 2011

189 CURVE, Basti, Oxford Venue, Saturday 1 June 1991

My first and hopefully last time at this horrendously dilapidated venue, packed to the gills with the converted and the curious (i.e me, and also Richard Branson who was here tonight!). A dank wooden firetrap of a place doesn't inspire confidence at the best of times, but it certainly gives you a bad feeling when you're crammed in with sweaty punters. Also, had an interminably long wait for the support band!

However, when they arrived, Basti were worth the wait; an aggressive, "in your face" style of guitar funk rock made for a loud, chunky and enjoyable set enhanced by an energetic frontman. Ady reckoned they were like, "the Poppies with a slapper." So much better than that sounds, though!

Curve kept us waiting until 11.30. They are the media "press darlings" at the moment, but honestly sound like Lush cast-offs with a heavier, funkier base. Vocalist Toni Halliday projected an untouchable "ice maiden" image no doubt borrowed from Siouxsie Sioux, as the band played the same song 10 times. I actually quite enjoyed it, in a perverse way, but new? Groundbreaking? Give me a break, people...

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