Wednesday, 5 January 2011

188 NEW FAST AUTOMATIC DAFFODILS, Slow Bongo Floyd, Southampton University, Saturday 18 May 1991

Took the scenic route down to Southampton with Ady and Veronica after the FA Cup Final, and saw a deer on Marlborough downs on the way! Met friends in the Uni bar for cheap drinks (Old Rosie scrumpy £1 a pint - result!) and stayed there during the support band, venturing out for a quick peek, but I for one wasn't impressed.

The New FADs came on a little late at 10.15, but from my vantage point against the stage, I enjoyed their quirky, indie dance set. Like a modern day Fire Engines with dance sensibilities, and with an excellently dynamic and active frontman shaking his booty, New FADs put on an jolly energetic and enjoyable show.

Stopped, in a 2 car convoy, for a Chinese on the way home, eating it from the pavement in the dark!

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