Wednesday, 5 January 2011

186 INSPIRAL CARPETS, Blue Orchids, Swindon Oasis Leisure Centre, Sunday 28 April 1991

A gig at the Oasis! Crikey! Amazing scenes as the Oasis was taken over by baggy bright-eyed teenagers, pretentious Manc-wankers and old cynical types like ourselves!

Drove down (not that I really needed to) and missed The Blue Orchids set due to being able to find the events bar instead, and chatting about 5 a side footy with, well, pretty much everybody I know!

The Inspirals took the stage at 9 and premiered lots of material from the forthcoming "Beast Inside" LP, in a set which was punchy and exciting in parts but a little inconsistent, but ably augmented by their marvellous slide show, psychedelic patterns of their backdrop, and a superb forward-projecting light show. Overall an excellent show (as the Inspirals usually are) with keyboard-driven delights "Commercial Reign" and encore "Out Of Time" highlights.

Oh, and allegedly, this was the gig which inspired a couple of young Manc brothers to look at an Inspirals tour poster, and name their band after tonight's venue...


  1. Is this your ticket Dave? I might be interested in licensing it for a film project I'm working on. Would you get in touch on: Thanks!

    1. I have that poster! the lady working behind the reception at the leisure centre gave it to me next day after the gig