Wednesday, 5 January 2011

185 THE LEMONHEADS, Drive, Venus Beads, Bristol Bierkeller, Monday 8 April 1991

Found out about this gig by promising new US band The Lemonheads at the Throwing Muses gig here a couple of weeks ago when I was handed a tiny flyer featuring Deadline comic character Hester Buel. Not too well advertised, you might say!

So Dave and myself didn't bother getting tickets, but got down there in good time to get in, and hear openers The Venus Beads play an unnecessarily noisy set. Played pool and chatted to my Bristol friend Rob during Drive's extremely noisy and ham-fisted set. Two poor supports, unfortunately.

The Lemonheads came on at 10.30 - a pretty late one, this. Despite being a 3-piece, they like to crank up the volume as well, but despite also playing loud and fast driving rock, akin to Dinosaur Jr. and early Big Dipper albeit punkier, they also have some good tunes amidst the noise and did justice to an excellent sound.

They also like to play! After a fine 1 hour set, which culminated in a superb "Stove", they took the stage again and played an 8-song encore (!), again "giving it loads" full or energy and drive. Yet another band from Boston, MA, USA, treating us to a fine night out!

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