Thursday, 6 January 2011

177 THE PALE SAINTS, Beatnik Filmstars, Southampton University, Saturday 10 November 1990

Two Saturdays in a row for the amazingly short trip down to the South coast, to Southampton. I drove Veronica down and met up with the lads in the bar beforehand, but caught the support set. The Beatnik Filmstars feature ex-Groove Farm personnel, but you wouldn't have known that from their highly original and rocky set, reminiscent of Husker Du and The Jam, and featuring a whole lot of wah-wah pedal. Nice.

The Pale Saints, sporting a new female vocalist, were as unusual, menacing, original and exciting as before. More so than any other band, their finely-balanced dynamic yet ethereal sound seems out of place in today's more dance-oriented climate; they're more reminiscent of the early 80's rock sound of the likes of Joy Division, etc. Another great set, despite a disappointingly messy "Sight Of You", showing the personnel changes haven't affected their vision. Great stuff!

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