Wednesday, 5 January 2011

183 THROWING MUSES, Anastasia Screamed, Bristol Bierkeller, Monday 11 March 1991

A full carload for the increasingly familiar jaunt down to Bristol. I wore shorts despite it being March because, well, I'm mad, but I also knew this would be a sweaty one!

Unfortunately, we were out of the Prince Rupert in time to catch the support band's appalling tuneless dirge of a set. Played "spot the star" in the interval as various members of Lush and Ride turned up to pay homage to the Muses.

Down the front for the first part of their set, based mainly on the new LP "The Real Ramona" their most brilliantly accessible record to date. Kristin (the noisy, abrasive one) and Tanya (bringing the sweetness with a surreptitious underbelly) shared centre stage in a varied-paced, soaring and majestic concert. Highlights? Wow, where do I start? The deliriously poppy "Not Too Soon", the clear as a bell lament that is "Cottonmouth", the earth-shatteringly manic encore of the appropriately named "Mania"? All of them and more. Just brilliant. Enough said.

And yes, it was a sweaty one...

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