Thursday, 6 January 2011

179 FIVE THIRTY, Thousand Yard Stare, Bristol Fleece, Sunday 25 November 1990

Headed down to this one on my own well early, and forced my way onto the guest list by barging my way into the Five Thirty soundcheck! Spent a lot of time chatting to Five Thirty's gregarious young vocalist Tara; he (yes, he) is a big Doors fan as well, so we chatted about rock while the place filled up and before the support band, who were derivative of the current pop/dance zeitgeist, but did it well and were memorable and enjoyable.

Five Thirty took the stage at 9.45 and belted out a set of colourful, dry-ice drenched, upfront and dynamic in-your-face noise, ranging from earth shattering dirty funk, to full-on guitar assault, all laden with hooks you could hang your hat on. Tara, with the hair and striped trousers, came across like a young Hendrix onstage, with another brilliant performance topped by the final thundering salvo of "13th Disciple", the Jam-ish "Abstain" and "You". Another excellent set!

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