Friday, 7 January 2011

165 JAMES, Bristol Studio, Sunday 10 June 1990

A two car posse drove down for this one, but on arrival we were unavoidably detained in the Queen's Shilling due to the fab trivia machine! So we missed support The Beggars.

James were greeted onstage by the nearly full (but still room to dance!) Studio like lost sons; thankfully at least the current trend for all things Manchester hasn't left this talented combo behind, waving at the dock! These purveyors of madcap dance - that's not beatbox bilge or sixties regurgitated slop preferred by the majority of other Manc bands, but ants in your pants, in your face jerky dance - didn't disappoint, as they never do, romping through their own brand of Devil's music, drawn mainly from the new LP "Gold Mother". Big venue or small, 1985 or 1990, they're still the same old James; when I get to Davy Jones' Locker, I expect them to be playing the welcome music!

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