Tuesday, 11 January 2011

145 THE PRIMITIVES, PALE SAINTS, Bristol Studio, Sunday 19 November 1989

Got there early, as one of my gigging companions needed to get sorted with a ticket; good thing too as I was well up for the support! Pale Saints have produced my favourite single of 1989 with the wondrously shimmering "Sight Of You", and I wouldn't have missed this mightily magnificent set, crammed with caustic guitar interplay and brain-hugging tunes, for anything! Brilliant stuff from a moody new guitar band destined for greatness.

By complete contrast, The Primitives did a buzzsaw guitar pop set all packed with colour and froth, style over substance, which was fun but patchy, with only the old numbers such as "Out Of Reach" and "Really Stupid" outstanding. Bubbles blown out into the crowd, and a few welcome Wendy James insults from vocalist Tracey, were nice touches, but overall tonight the Prims were like sour candyfloss after the aural feast that was Pale Saints!

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