Wednesday, 22 December 2010

199 ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN, The Lucid Dream, Wholesome Crack, Swindon Link Arts Centre, Friday 22 November 1991

Echo And The Bunnymen in Swindon? Well, it's Echo And The Bunnymen, but not as we know it. I will explain, but first...

I got over to the Link early for this one and watched the two supports from the balcony; Wholesome Crack (wholly crap?) were a local load of student art-wank, and The Lucid Dream a bouncy dance pop band who weren't too bad. However, I tucked into the cider, which was more interesting than both.

I first saw Echo And The Bunnymen 10 years ago at the Oxford Apollo at the inception of my gigging days. This incarnation is not that band though; now minus the face and voice of iconic vocalist Ian McCulloch, and the driving rhythms of the sadly deceased Pete DeFreitas, they're starting afresh with a frankly anonymous vocalist, thankfully singing none of the McCulloch-voiced songs. A reasonably good band in their own right, purveyors of swirling, psychedelic-tinged dancey pop with some good tunes, they played a good set, but compared to the titanic Bunnysongs of old, they were massively disappointing. And therein lies their problem; by still calling themselves The Bunnymen, they'll always be compared to what went before. They should have changed the name...

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