Wednesday, 15 December 2010

228 THE RAMONES, Terrorvision, Sunday 13 December 1992

A bungled ticket-mare by the Bristol Rainbow (formerly Studio) box office meant needing to get there well early to ensure entry. It also meant, unfortunately, that we were there for all of the ham-fisted noisenik support band's poor set. Dreck! Dreck!

I decided on a "kill or cure" treatment for a recently onset bout of flu, and joined The Big Man in the moshpit for this dose of surf punk nostalgia. First time I'd seen "Da Bruddas", one of my first musical ever loves, since 1986 (back in gig 45), but the only change is that nowadays they play even faster - so fast, in fact, that beanpole vocalist Joey Ramone now has trouble keeping up with the verses! About 30 songs of breakneck-speed sheer euphoric punk rock classics ("Lobotomy"! "Blitzkrieg Bop"! "I Wanna Be Well"! "Sheena"! "Cretin Hop"! "Commando"! highlights amongst many many others) zoomed by in a, "take it CJ"; "wanchoofreefour!" haze. The brick wall backdrop, the leather jackets, the eagle, Joey's "Gabba Gabba Hey" sign; all the key elements were there. The Ramones never change, never even seem to age, they just get faster!

Oh, and by the way it was "kill" for me, as the flu (or was it the pounding I received in the moshpit?) left me bedridden for a few days afterwards! Yuck! Still, at least we had fun (in the warm California Sun) so it was well worth it!

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