Wednesday, 15 December 2010

222 ANNA, Slap, Swindon Link Arts Centre, Friday 16 October 1992

First of 3 gigs in 4 days - luckily the first is nearby! Clive picked me up at 8, so we got in at 8.15 to start some Friday night drinkies - Stella Artois (gosh!).

Slap featured an old friend of mine on vocals, and a nice line in early 80's mystery Goth pop - a poppier Bauhaus, perhaps. Good enough to bop to, anyway.

Anna blasted on just after 9 - a band I know only thanks to one track, "Different Friends" on a compilation tape, but they were excellent, noisy and guitar-fuelled, like a messier, less focussed version of the splendid Midway Still, which is actually no small compliment from me. I rocked out manically to their slightly derivative but dynamic laze-rock, and complimented them backstage afterwards, which earned me a freebie t-shirt. Result!

That was enough rock for me; I didn't stay for the silly Popinjays, headlining; went to Level 3 and got pissed instead!

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