Wednesday, 8 December 2010

242 RADIOHEAD, Strangelove, Superstar, Bristol University Anson Rooms, Monday 10 May 1993

Got an early start for this one, and arrived well in time to join an otherwise virtually deserted hall to catch opening band Superstar, a band who wear their Teenage Fanclub influences on their collective sleeves and, despite being somewhat untogether, showed a lot of melodic and harmonic potential.

Local boys Strangelove were next up; they delivered an impressive, doom-laden psychedelic growl of a set. A few good numbers and an excellently charismatic frontman made for a band I reckon may be going places...

Had some beer in the bar afterwards, rubbing shoulders with Blue Aeroplanes frontman Gerard Langley (I'm not a fan, but Ady was impressed, anyway), before repairing to the main hall and piling into the moshpit for Radiohead. Augmented by atmospheric dry ice and added dynamism, Radiohead this time took flight, in a set which was a million times better than their recent, slightly flat, Fleece gig. Moody, mean and magnificent, blond vocalist Thom Yorke cut an excellent dash as the main visual focus, and (I appreciated this point) sweated profusely whilst delivering a fine evening's worth of deliberate yet thrilling power rock. Potential becoming realised!


  1. Hi David, I'm doing an exhibition on the Anson Rooms. Could we use this image of the Radiohead setlist/ticket stub and feature it in the exhibition? Maria Rees

  2. Yes, no problem, please help yourself... :-)