Wednesday, 8 December 2010

243 THE FAT LADY SINGS, Swindon The Link Centre, Saturday 15 May 1993

A weirdly deserted Link Arts Centre for a Saturday night, for these Irish-tinged folky popsters' first visit to town, soon filled up, albeit with loads of, erm, "old" people. For once I didn't feel like I was the oldest person at a gig!

The Fat Lady Sings took the stage at 9.30; vocalist Nick Kelly explained that despite advertising to the contrary, there was no support, so they were going to do a longer set! Fair play! A fine mixture of absorbing new numbers from forthcoming LP "Johnson" and the old favourites from their tuneful debut "Twist" were subsequently delivered with precision, care, songcraft and their familiar old self-deprecating charm. Nick's soft Irish brogue complimented the Irish folk-tinged music; slightly Waterboys-like, but usually without obvious comparisons otherwise. TFLS are essentially a very thoughtful and considered band, who morph into a quite exciting and fun act in the "live" environment. Great too that Nick took the piss out of a heckling idiot who was getting on everyone's nerves.

A 1 hour 10 minute set was further extended with 3 groovy encores and a promise that Nick and the boys will be back again in Swindon. Let's hope so!

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