Wednesday, 22 December 2010

202 THE WONDER STUFF, Kingmaker, London Brixton Academy, Saturday 14 December 1991

A 2 car posse travelled up to this one, suffering a nightmare journey in thick fog! We left at 4.30 and parked in Ealing Common, West London, leaving the cars in dense fog next to the open common. All very spooky! A loooong tube journey over to Brixton meant we actually didn't get to the Academy until 8 o'clock! Wow!

So we missed first band on, Eat, but I wasn't too worried as they'd not exactly set the world alight on my previous viewings. However, next up, fuck me it's Kingmaker; they came on just after 8.15 and played another fine set of cool heavy guitar pop. Loz' voice sounded a little strained, however, which I guess is not surprising given all the touring they've done this year! New single "Really Scrape The Sky" was a highlight of their slightly drum-dominated set.

I'd forgotten how huge Brixton Academy was! A converted old theatre, with all the stalls ripped out, meant that it actually sloped from back to front-of-stage, and provided a good view from virtually anywhere! I went for a wander around the expansive foyer before being attracted back in by Queen's "Seven Seas Of Rhye", The Wonder Stuff's intro tune. They took the stage at 9.30, vocalist and mainman Miles in pith helmet and khaki shorts and very much the focal point as ever, and stormed into "Red Berry Joy Town", the precursor to a fantastic set of their own distinctive brand of flippant but classic 90's rock'n'roll. The hits kept coming, from "Disco King" to "Cartoon Boyfriend" via "Radio Ass Kiss", and even their own note-perfect version of their (and Vic Reeves', absent tonight) number 1 hit single "Dizzy"!

Superb acoustics, a brilliant sound, a stunning set and light show, a confident band at the height of their powers and in top form. It more than made up for the foggy and lengthy trip there - and back!

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