Wednesday, 22 December 2010

207 REVOLVER, Sweet Jesus, Swindon Link Arts Centre, Thursday 30 April 1992

Popped off to this local gig at The Link Centre after playing 6 a side footy, and got there just in time to catch the arse end of Sweet Jesus' last number. Shame! Their set was apparently melodic indie-pop, according to Clive who caught it all.

Revolver took their time getting on with it, but eventually took the stage at 10.30 to their best song, "Crimson", and offered a challenging if not particularly original set of guitar angst and disjointed rhythm. They're like a junior early Ride, with more obvious zeitgeisty rhythm and tunes, and "Cradle Snatch" and the encore, their first single "Heaven Sent An Angel" were other highlights of a set I nevertheless spent bopping along to!

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