Tuesday, 7 December 2010

245 MIDWAY STILL, Caffeine, Swindon The Link Centre, Thursday 17 June 1993

I decided to wear my stars and stripes shorts to this one, as I was expecting a hot and sweaty time! Also, I persuaded my brother to come along, thanks to my erudite description of The Still as a dirty black rock'n'roll band! None more finer...

Local band (I think) Caffeine stank the place out with their ham-fisted sub Rage Against The Machine grungy mess and crappy rappy antics. Grunge is dead, you know - and I had the t-shirt on to prove it!

The Still came on at 10 to a rabid welcome, and blasted into a couple of fan favourites, followed by a well-chosen set varying from hard-rocking Husker Du-like oldies from first LP "Dial Square", to their more thoughtful, considered (relatively speaking - they still rock, of course!) new stuff, but all played with their usual venom and strident power and riffery. Clive and I, down the front, gave it loads as usual to The Still, and the expected sweat duly arrived!

Popped backstage for mutual compliments and encouragement. It seemed they enjoyed it too, despite Swindon having a reputation for being a "difficult" gig. Well, you're welcome back any time, boys!

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