Wednesday, 8 December 2010

241 MIDGE URE, The Dear Janes, Swindon The Link Centre, Friday 30 April 1993

An unusual one this; my first gig in the main hall of the Link, rather than the smaller and more clubby Arts Centre hall. Popped into the hall, where seats had been tastefully arranged in a round amphitheatre layout, partway through The Dear Janes' set of acoustic folk numbers. Quite dull really, but one good number about not trusting lady pilots with PMT!

Former Ultravox vocalist Midge Ure took the stage solo at 9; one man and his acoustic/ electric guitar and small beatbox. A real "back to basics" approach and a selection of material to match; his favourite songs, including an old Thin Lizzy number (he briefly saw time as a Thin Lizzy touring guitarist), interspersed with chat and questions from the audience about his varied career, providing a fascinating insight into the man. A little too much chat, perhaps, meant probably 10 songs in 1 3/4 hours, but the 2 Ultravox songs he played, the folky "All Fall Down" and my favourite, the soaring "One Small Day" were really worth the price of admission alone. As also was one line in reference to a beer-soaked former colleague, when an empty pint pot was kicked across the floor; "Is Billy Currie here?"

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