Wednesday, 22 December 2010

205 MIDWAY STILL, Supp. Mega City Four, Reading University Student Union, Saturday 7 March 1992

After a brilliant Cowboy Junkies gig (nay, experience) last night, anything would have been a bit of an anti-climax. But hey ho, it's off to Reading Uni we go, for something completely different...

Got there too early for the bar to open (!) so had a walk around campus, then got back in time to see Midway Still deliver a support set full of power, intensity and fire. With rocking choruses and driving guitar skirting around the outside of grunge but keeping the tuneful side of potential disjointed heaviness, they currently appear to be the band Teenage Fanclub seem to be scared to be, and they really rocked the place!

I watched a few Mega City Four numbers before confirming that actually they don't really appeal to me, just finding them dull and formulaic after the energy of the Still, so I retreated to the bar and left MC4 devotee Rich to them. Still, he enjoyed their set, and I loved The Still, so fair play to both of us!

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