Wednesday, 22 December 2010

206 CURVE, Adorable, Bristol University Anson Rooms, Wednesday 18 March 1992

Had a carload of interested parties for this one, and we got there just as the support band were coming on, so popped in to check out their worthy, rockist guitar set, like House Of Love only with more wah-wah. A name to watch, perhaps, as they certainly went down well with the student audience - and me, actually!

Hit the bar in the interval before Curve graced us with their presence at 9.30, Toni Halliday, allegedly the world's sexiest female vocalist, led the boys and (other) girl through the copious dry ice, clad in figure-hugging black dress and matching feather boa. Curve predictably went down a storm, but left me cold; why do I get the impression that their choppy, overlayered and overdubbed guitarry dance set tended to merge all into one song? "Coast Is Clear" and the encore "10 Little Girls" apart, all the songs sounded the same - yet again! Curve, you've got one great song, and another reasonably good one - please please write some more!

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