Friday, 17 December 2010

211 SUEDE, The Auteurs, Windsor Old Trout, Wednesday 10 June 1992

Had a pleasant drive with Clive down to this venue on the river, listening to European Championship footy on the radio. Sweden and France drew 1-1, if you're interested...

Support The Auteurs, a 3-piece, played an odd set of excellently crafted mid-paced songs, in an Only Ones/ Weather Prophets vein, but as I commented to Clive, I reckon the be-fringed lead singer must love his songs so much, as he treated them like they were made of glass. Still, top marks for using the word, "pre-ordained" in a lyric!

Suede were an unknown quantity; press darlings of the NME, a good but not great single in "The Drowners" which made a huge nod to early 70's Bowie, and a varied clientele attracted by their hype - "normal" folks as well as us indie kids! This was all I had to go on before they took the stage.

Nevertheless, they immediately made a favourable impression; a well rocking start with "Animal Lover" and fast-paced "Moving", a very charismatic frontman in young Brett Anderson, and an ultimately varied set of slightly off-kilter, glammy and sleazy guitar pop played with enthusiasm to an unusually reserved crowd won me over. They belted through the set and, sadly, left us encore-less, after 45 minutes which prompted comparisons to early Smiths, both in image, Brett's fey charisma, and possible potential. I was hardly star-struck, but I enjoyed the set thoroughly, and can comfortably say that Suede are going places. Here's a band worth the hype - for once!

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