Friday, 17 December 2010

218 A HOUSE, The Bigger The God, Oxford Jericho Tavern, Thursday 13 August 1992

Despite setting off later than usual, we still managed to hit the Jericho in time for the highly rated (by Clive, anyway!) support band. Their set had some sparkling moments in a carefree, soaring way, especially a track entitled "Jason Donovan", but most of their numbers seemed too short! I suppose that's a good thing, really. A name to watch?

Despite being an A House fan for at least 5 years now (their debut single "Kick Me Again Jesus" was one of my favourites of 1987!) this was the first time I'd seen these Irish purveyors of slightly arty, rocking yet left field brainy pop. Vocalist Dave Couse, a downbeat wordsmith, led this six piece band through a varied and entertaining set drawing from all 3 of their very fine LPs. My problem was that because I love all their stuff, they missed a whole load of very fine songs out for me. Still, what they did play was cool, intelligent, deliciously cynical, and lived up to all my expectations. Hosts of a very fine gig!

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