Wednesday, 15 December 2010

225 WONKY ALICE, Sunshot, Windsor Old Trout, Tuesday 10 November 1992

Hey, they've changed the entrance at the Trout! Perhaps that accounted for the poor turnout - people couldn't find their way in, so didn't bother! Sunshot's lead singer ironically announced at one point, "don't push at the back as the people at the front are getting crushed," to a virtually empty hall. A weird 2 girl, one chap one drum machine combo, made a noise which was at times oddly appealing in a pseudo Goth Curve/ Banshees vein, and at other times grating and chaotic. The jury is still out on them...

Luckily we had the Wonkies to rescue us from the tedium of the disinterested Windsor clientele. My 2 gig buddies and myself all freaked out down the front as the band took to the stage dressed in matching black polo necks with silver "W" motifs (clearly made of cardboard and tinfoil, but hey, that's their DIY ethic for you!), and dashed (or should it be, "warped") through a great set of supermarionation cosmic dance pop. At times like the early B52's played at 78 RPM (an explanation I, struggling for comparisons, offered to a curious punter), other times sounding like a late 60's space opera theme tune (especially Karen's sinister bass lines), but overall unique, thrilling and impossible to keep still to. So we didn't.

Went backstage afterwards, for mutual compliments and autographs. A great gig!

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