Friday, 17 December 2010

215 SCORPIO RISING, Trowbridge Psychic Pig, Tuesday 7 July 1992

Popped down to Trowbridge with Clive after football training, basically because I had nowt else to do! Got there to find Pig hosts Stargazers had metamorphosed into Capones, but hey, I'll still call it the Pig!

Had a bop to some fine indie stuff over the disco before the non-supported Scorpio Rising took the stage just after 10.30. A band I was largely unfamiliar with, I demanded they impress me, and the four Liverpool long-haired lads, plus Belltower's bassist (guesting for the normal man at the helm) did their best to do so with a dynamic, drum dominated set of crafted but fresh-sounding poppy dancey tunes. Very zeitgeisty, hardly original, but good fun nonetheless; I enjoyed having a good old bop to a band I'd overlooked unfairly before. A good gig!

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