Friday, 17 December 2010

213 WONKY ALICE, Submariner, Leicester Princess Charlotte, Wednesday 24 June 1992

Hmmm. We lost our way around Stow-On-The-Wold, spent 20 minutes trying to find the venue on arrival in far-flung Leicester, then found out our intended headliners, The Belltower, had postponed due to illness. What a way to spend my birthday!

Still, we were here, so cut our losses and ventured in for 2 rather than 3 bands. I'd never heard of either, so a voyage of discovery for me, and at least it was only £2 entry and they served Copperhead cider!

Submariner were first on and played an excellent set, reminiscent of Cud, Ride and Power Of Dreams with it's insistent energy and pace, but full also of excellent songs. The boy can sing too!

Wonky Alice came on at 10.15, and were superb, thankfully; they played a great set of dynamic rock with lots of oddball lyricism and tempo changes for good measure. Clive and I had a bloody good bop down the front and went backstage to congratulate the Wonkies afterwards for making it a worthwhile birthday trip after all. They've got a dreadful name, but even so it's a name to watch!

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