Wednesday, 22 December 2010

201 THE FAMILY CAT, Hen, Swindon Link Arts Centre, Saturday 7 December 1991

More gigs at the Link! Very handy indeed! This time, it was a "Bring The Noise" promotion opening with local band Hen, a band fronted by our old friend Roger's new girlfriend Paula, who unfortunately played a ropey sounding support set.

I popped up onto the balcony for the main event, and we got a great view of the FCUK tour show, Swindon leg. The Family Cat played a groovy if short set of bouncy indie guitar pop, formulaic but a pleasing way to pass a Saturday night. Memorable moments for me were "Remember What It Is That You Love", easily their best number, plus the extremely silly encore version of their Xmas single "Jesus Christ". An indie Xmas single? Whatever next?

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