Tuesday, 7 December 2010

246 SUPERCHUNK, Saturn 5, Windsor Old Trout, Thursday 24 June 1993

Another happy birthday gig with Clive, Ady and Beef - I can't think of a better way to spend my birthday than with some rock! We thought this would be a busy one (if you miss it, it'll be like 'Chunk never happened! D'oh!), so we drove down to Windsor promptly - and ended up being first in!

Support Saturn 5 played a bright set of chunky post-C86 jangle pop, with echoey vocals reminiscent of Galaxie 500, on some of their slower numbers, from the vocalist who apparently used to be with the Razorcuts! Clive had a bop down the front and I tapped a toe or two.

I had a beer in when US alternative rock reprobates Superchunk took the stage at 10, so I sat stageside during their earlier numbers and chugged my beer. However, when the 'Chunk unleashed "Skip Steps 1 And 3", I finished it promptly and joined in with the sweaty thrashing moshpit. Beads splintered asunder as I flailed about with the best of 'em (and, indeed, the rest of 'em) to Superchunk's awesome beast of a post-grunge rock noise. A great set, capped with (despite rumours to the effect that they weren't playing it anymore) a thrilling, massive "Slack Motherfucker". A perfect birthday present - happy birthday Sheriff!

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