Wednesday, 15 December 2010

223 SUEDE, The Auteurs, Bristol Bierkeller, Sunday 18 October 1992

Limped into the Bierkeller for this sold out gig after doing my knee in playing Sunday League footy this morning. Had Soke and his mates, whom we met in the large queue beforehand, taking the piss out of me all night for it - D'oh!

The Auteurs came on at 8.30; I popped down the front to see them handle their set in a much more carefree and confident manner than before. Their excellently crafted songs, previously held back a little by the bands "precious" attitude and performance, took flight tonight and made for a superb opening set. "Showgirl" and "Bail Out" were highlights of a set from a band destined to not remain support material for much longer!

Suede, clearly a band on the up and up right now, kept us waiting for an irritatingly long time, but on arrival immediately satiated our heightened appetites with the opener, "Animal Lover", Brett chiming the hook "Animal lav-aaaah" in perfect falsetto, like Morrissey asking for advice... "Moving" followed, songs so familiar already, yet not even recorded yet. "We're moving, so moving..."

The set continued in this dreamy yet powerful perfect pop mold, other highlights being "Metal Mickey" powerful, glam and brash; Brett replying to a heckle from a Morrissey-fixated saddo with the line, "you vex me, you snotty chap"; and the sweeping range of closer "To The Birds". A set which underlined what we all feel - Suede are destined for the big time, and very soon!

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  1. "you vex me, you snotty chap" i can just hear him saying that now! haha wonderful! thanks for the account!