Friday, 17 December 2010

216 ADORABLE, Blind Mr. Jones, Trowbridge Psychic Pig, Tuesday 21 July 1992

Off early to this one with Clive, which meant watching his Saturday footy team, Cricklade Town FC, get hammered 5-0 by a village side on the way! Got to the Pig at 9.30, to be confronted with a huge queue; thankfully the gig was late opening!

Support Blind Mr. Jones played an excellent set of considered guitar pop, with occasional and unorthodox breaks from a flautist! Most surprising, and it embellished the sound well.

Riding on the back of 2 astonishingly good singles, Adorable were full of confidence, with a swagger bordering almost on cockiness, but it didn't detract from a fine, well-rocking set of moody, atmospheric guitar material, with single "Sunshine Smile" an obvious highlight. Well worth the often self-generated hype, Adorable are a band with a future so bright you've gotta wear a blindfold...

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