Wednesday, 22 December 2010

208 MIDWAY STILL, Jacob's Mouse, Oxford Jericho Tavern, Thursday 14 April 1992

My first gig I've travelled to with this extraordinary character Clive; whenever I think I'm too old for gigs at a ripe old 26, I'll just remember he's 35 - and still rocking. I hope I am at his age!

Got to the Jericho in time to see Jacob's Mouse, who featured a hairy drumming vocalist giving it some serious welly in a set with very loud guitar and overall more good than bad bits.

Midway Still came on at 10, promoting new LP "Dial Square" - are they closet Arsenal fans, perhaps? Their set bristled with pace, power and bollocks, delivered in an arrogant swagger of an attitude by a confident band who know they're going places. Thrilling, visceral noise punctuated a set I spent hammering away to in the mosh. I could have done without enthusiastic stage-divers landing on my head, but all in all a small price to pay to see "The Still" in this form!

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