Wednesday, 22 December 2010

203 THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS, Family Go Town, London Bloomsbury Theatre, Tuesday 4 February 1992

There are few better ways to kick off the new year, gig-wise, than a London jaunt to see They Might Be Giants with fellow devotee Mr. Garratt! First time for me at the Bloomsbury Theatre, a posh seated venue where, according to PG, the phrase "G'wannnn Teeeem!" was originally coined at a 1985 vintage James gig!

Support Family Go Town were on at 8 - an early one, this, good thing we got an early train! - and played the sort of innocuous zeitgeisty dance pop blast that would have sounded more apt as support to Thousand Yard Stare, for example. We decanted to the bar and sampled Mr. Branigan's beer nuts instead!

This odd Brooklyn two-piece, They Might Be Giants, actually featured a drumkit this time (well, one snare and one cymbal, at least) instead of the lectern-mounted metronome, but their musical approach is still sparse, tinny, clever-clever without venturing into smugness, and as funny as a barrel of monkeys. Being appointed the Official Band of International Space Year (allegedly) hasn't changed them; "we're promoting a record that isn't out for two months, so this next song represents the non-audience participation element of the show!"

"I Palindrome I" (whaaaat??) was the most memorable of the new stuff; "We Want A Rock" and oldie "Don't Let's Start" the best of the more familiar material. However, everyone was a winner as usual. Another remarkable show from an idiosyncratic yet thoroughly entertaining band!

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