Wednesday, 15 December 2010

227 JULIANA HATFIELD, Adrehend, Windsor Old Trout, Saturday 12 December 1992

Popped down the M4 for a Saturday night excursion with Beef, however a car-parking mare delayed us so we only got to see half of the support band. I just wished we'd missed all of their set as they were unnecessarily noisy yet anonymous identikit indie guitar dreck. Hit the bar for cider instead!

Former Blake Babies frontperson Juliana Hatfield took the stage just after 10 with her new 3-piece band, but playing the same magic brand of pure melodic college pop as her former charges. I bopped down the front with Beef and a few others as the normally complacent Old Trout crowd finally showed a little respect. A fine set, highlighted by a sparkling "Everybody Loves Me But You", and unfortunately clouded slightly by Juliana's crystal-clear, pure little girl lost voice being muddied a little in the mix. Commented on this afterwards to a nevertheless pleased band and Juliana, who confirmed that tonight was the best reception they'd received on their UK tour. A shame they didn't play any Blake Babies stuff, however - I'd been calling for "Out There" throughout the set, which drummer Todd Phillips noted, and scribbled a reference to on my set-list!

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