Tuesday, 14 December 2010

237 KINGMAKER, Surreal, Bath Moles Club, Tuesday 13 April 1993

Like buses; you wait for ages then two appear at once! This was also the case with Bath Moles gigs, but in contrast to the Wonky Alice gig a couple of weeks ago, this was a packed-to-the-rafters Members only Kingmaker fan club cut-price special, at only £2.50 admission. Good thing Beef is a member...again...!

Support Surreal were on, fashionably yet irritatingly half an hour late, at 10; a frighteningly young looking vocalist leading this stroppy and confident young band through a blistering set of fresh, spiky rock'n'roll, with shades of The Beatles, The Jam, C86 and Mott The Hoople in equal measure. A fine set, notable for a unusually rasping vocal performance from said youngster.

Kingmaker were admittedly preaching to the converted tonight, with this fan club "do", and could therefore have been forgiven for keeping foot off loud pedal, but far from it - they produced a driving, hard rocking but still refreshing sounding set of their rhythmic, drum-driven pop. "Really Scrape the Sky" and the climax "When Lucy's Down" were highlights from a band it's really been too long since I last saw, particularly in a small venue such as Moles. They're still worth it - especially for £2.50!

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