Tuesday, 14 December 2010

239 THE HEART THROBS, Earth Babies, Windsor Old Trout, Thursday 15 April 1993

The last of 3 gigs in 3 days; a punishing schedule but worth it! Clive and I got to the Old Trout halfway through the Earth Babies equally punishing (on the ears, that is) poor, ham-fisted set, subsequently ignoring them and getting a beer in!

The Heart Throbs, now sadly minus Pale Saints-bound bassist Colleen Browne, my favourite Canadian (hey, everybody's got one...), and sporting in her place an Ian McCulloch lookalike young chappie, positively roared through their set! A lot harder-edged than before, The Heart throbs' new numbers still shimmered with their usual melodic brilliance, and the old favourites, especially the titanic "I Wonder Why" and "In Vain", oozed with slinky sex and style. A couple of more punk rock new numbers climaxed the set wonderfully, Rose Carlotti's fragile vocalist still ringing their way through the admittedly poor sound. They're getting angrier with age, and it's great to hear it. Equally great to see her - and them - back!

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