Friday, 17 December 2010

212 THE POPGUNS, Wholesome Crack, Swindon Link Arts Centre, Friday 19 June 1992

Had a couple of Freedy neet beers in the Beehive before taxi-ing over to this gig, meeting the boys on arrival. Stayed in the bar getting well oiled, as is our wont, whilst the support band were on, as I'm not a fan... Their long set delayed the Popguns until nearly 20 to 11!

When they finally came on, The Popguns, led by vivacious vocalist Wendy Morgan, sprinted through an enthusiastically received but slightly disappointing set of new numbers, which lacked the pop fizz and soaring vitality they showed in abundance on their last visit here. Cries for the old stuff were also sadly met by Wendy's response of, "stop living in the past". A shame, really. "Someone You Love", a rare oldie, was also a rare highlight of a disappointing set.

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