Friday, 17 December 2010

210 PULP, The Blood Oranges, Oxford Jericho Tavern, Friday 29 May 1992

Decided to take pix at this gig, but felt a right prat when I forgot my flash! So, back in Clive's car went the camera (damn!), and I returned to this upstairs venue for the start of support The Blood Oranges' set. An old looking bunch of muso types playing a varied set of rocky pop which was sadly spoiled by excess wah wah and went on far too long for a support - 50 minutes!

Pulp came on at 10 past 10. They've been many things in their time - I first came across them in 1985, when they were peddling deliciously dour introspective Scott Walker-esque balladry, and before that they were an optimistic whimsical indie pop band - but the latest reinvention as World Of Twist-like pop divas with a touch of Oxfam glam kitsch is about the best; certainly the most bright and dynamic sounding. Jarvis Cocker, a barefoot, skeletal frontman with a nice line in patter ("are we ready to, erm, play some music, then?") is a stunning visual focus with a delicious baritone, and the band, a collection of wild eccentrics, back him up to the hilt. This was a brilliant, sinister set of powerful, edgy material, which not even a slightly disappointingly messy encore of "My Legendary Girlfriend" could spoil. A unique talent - next big thing, anyone?

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