Tuesday, 14 December 2010

234 MIDWAY STILL, Pop Am Good, Bristol Fleece, Wednesday 10 March 1993

Expecting a packed one tonight for the return of our favourite hairy noiseniks The Still, but there were surprisingly few people out early doors at the Fleece for support Pop Am Good's set. Energy and melody, but messily and shambolically presented and focused, were the key points of their set. Like a jam session in a student union bar, really...

The place thankfully filled up for The Still, who came on at 10, roaring impressively into opener "What You Said". A noisy and thrilling hard rocking set, based around a clutch of new songs from a possible forthcoming LP (soon as you can, please, boys...) plus old faves like "Found", "I Won't Try" and the phenomenal "Better Than Before" followed. Clive and I formed part of an expanding mosh as, as ever, we gave it loads to the Still's energetic rock stylings! Quick words of congratulations with the band afterwards; they also commented on my "Grunge Is Dead" t-shirt. "But we're not grunge," was their comment, to which my reply was, "what you are, is shit hot live!" No arguments there!

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