Friday, 17 December 2010

217 THE HEART THROBS, Death By Crimpers, Oxford Jericho Tavern, Sunday 9 August 1992

Confronted almost immediately on arrival by the support band, Death By Crimpers, a local band of screaming rawk chicks with one good song - "Circles" - and bad but almost funny Joan Jett/ Suzi Quatro impressions; leopardskin pants, no less! Ewww!

From the ridiculous to the sublime, and a welcome sight in the Heart Throbs line-up; former Parachute Men bassist Colleen Browne, replacing former bassist Rachel Carlotti. Perhaps some of the Parachute Men's magic has rubbed off on the Heart Throbs in the process, because they were nothing short of utterly stunning tonight! Melodic, driving, creepy, sassy, sexy and intelligent, picking a set drawn from old stuff and the forthcoming "Jubilee Twist" LP (which seems an essential purchase, given some of the quality on display tonight, particularly the breathy and breathless "Girl Became Stairs"). Tiny singer Rose Carlotti led her band through an utterly wonderful set.

Popped backstage afterwards for a nice chat with the band, particularly Steve, Rose and Coleen (who I'm glad to say remembered me from those Paras days), and complimented them on their immense achievement; make no mistake, tonight The Heart Throbs were promoted to the select ranks of the very special live bands!

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  1. Heart throbs rule! shes in a trance is total brilliance, great to read the gig account , thanks!